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Vinyl floor cleaning is the process of profound cleaning, resealing, and restoring the surface after removing the previous layers of caked-on filth buildup and gloss. Kings of Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company that only deals with highly trained, experienced, certified cleaners. This, along with the use of the latest floor cleaning technology, guarantees excellence.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning is a great way to keep the floor clean and shiny, which makes the floor more comfortable to walk on.

If you are searching for budget-friendly options, then you might want to stick with luxury or premium engineered hardwood. These floors are also resistant to staining naturally, so they will not need as much maintenance in regards to waxing, rubbing and restoring.

Why Choose King’s Vinyl Floor Cleaning Service in Sydney?

  • FREE! Vinyl floor deodoriser.
  • FREE! Vinyl floor stain treatment.
  • Fast drying time 10 minutes only.
  • Same Day service available with fast booking.
  • Non-toxic products that are safe for your family and pets.
  • All our technicians are thoroughly trained, insured, and police-cleared.
  • We hold over 20 years of experience. You can be confident that we will clean and reseal your vinyl floor using cutting-edge technology.

Vinyl flooring is made from durable and good-wearing materials such as linoleum and thermoplastic. Our Vinyl floor cleaning service will eliminate the dirt, oil and grime that have become embedded in your vinyl floor. Our gentle yet effective treatment and the use of a specialised machine will remove even the toughest stains and leave your vinyl floor looking new. You can save money by not replacing or repairing your damaged or worn flooring by hiring our professional vinyl floor cleaner.

We clean and reseal various types of vinyl flooring, including small area vinyl flooring, wall-to-wall vinyl flooring, interior vinyl flooring, and outside vinyl flooring. When your vinyl floor covering needs that special and professional attention, you can count on us to clean and resell your vinyl floor covering.

Our vinyl flooring cleaning services include:

  • Vinyl floor cleaning
  • Vinyl floors polishing
  • Vinyl seal
  • Lino seal
  • Lino floor cleaning
  • Polish Lino floors
  • Vinyl & Lino floor cleaning and waxing
  • Vinyl & Lino floor buffing/Burnishing
  • Vinyl & Lino floor maintenance programs
  • Vinyl & Lino floor scrubbing and re-finishing
vinyl cleaners sydneyafter vinyl floor cleaning
Before and after vinyl cleaning

What type of floorings should be stripped and sealed

The use of a sealer will protect a range of hard floors. Granite, marble, sandstone, ceramic tiles, terracotta, vinyl surfaces, natural stone floors, etc., become more resilient, scratch- and stain-resistant.

Dull-looking or worn-out floors are often the reason for sticky floors. Sticky floors. A thorough floor cleaning is needed before applying a fresh coat of surface sealant. This will ensure your floor has a fresh and clean surface to stick to. By using a suitable impregnator or topical sealer, certain exterior surfaces can receive additional protection from the elements.

Our clean & polished services include

  • preparatory cleaning, buffing or scrubbing
  • application of suitable, traffic-resistant polish
  • guides for regular maintenance

Vinyl floors appear dull and matted, and they become increasingly prone to becoming dirty, stained, and damaged. Polishing vinyl floors are cheap and comparatively easy. It can be performed by professionals and at-home owners with little or no training. Polishing of vinyl floors is known to protect floor surfaces. It covers the floor from damage by creating a long-lasting shine and appearance for years to come providing satisfaction for those who perform it regularly.

We at Kings of Cleaning Services provide you with effective cleaning services with the help of our trained professionals. Kings of Cleaning Services makes an effort to ensure that our services meet the highest standards within the industry. Our services are performed by trained, well-qualified and have appropriate experience in the field.

Try our cleaning services in Sydney and become one of our many satisfied customers. Contact Kings of Cleaning Services today and chat with our friendly staff, who would be happy to assist you with any queries.

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  • What is polish?

    Polish is a shiny substance applied on the surface to give it a fresh and beautiful look.

  • Why should I have my vinyl floors buffed?

    Due to accumulated filth and grime, vinyl floors gradually lose their lustre over time. Your vinyl floors’ sealed layers become scratched and finely sliced owing to abrasion from heels under shoes or rollers under chairs.

  • How can I trust your cleaners?

    Our staff are thoroughly trained, interviewed and vetted. This is to ensure they are all dependable, careful, and trustworthy.

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