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Rugs absorb a lot of dirt from shoes, feet, and regular movement. They are heavy to lift and clean separately. Also light coloured rugs turn yellow and brown if left untreated for a long. We provide professional rug cleaning services that extract the dirt and dust out of your rugs. The process involves a machine that is harsh on the dirt and soft on the fabric.

You love your rugs, but there is a problem. There is a lot of dirt that one can see and smell from the rugs. But did you know that over 90% of the dirt located on your rug is not visible? The harmful germs are not noticeable to the naked eye. It’s better to be safe than sorry by taking care of your rugs right away.

Why choose Kings of Cleaning Services for professional rug cleaning in Sydney?

  • FREE! Rug deodorising
  • FREE! Rug basic stain treatment
  • Same-day service available
  • Eco-friendly products
  • You can choose either steam cleaning or dry cleaning
  • All of our products are non-toxic and safe for babies and families

Our rug cleaning process

  • Evaluation: Prior to washing your rug, we assess it, and look at the fibres, to figure out which cleaning method is ideal for it.
  • Dusting: The next step is primary dusting to remove all the surface dirt and pollutants.
  • Washing: After primary dusting, we wash the rug with the proper method required to make sure all the dirt from the layers is cleaned.
  • Grooming: At last, we groom the rug and put it down properly! Voila, you have your rug cleaned and fresh!

Kings of Cleaning Services also specialises in Rug cleaning

Various rugs at home are precious and more than just beautiful decorations – they are an investment of a great deal of money. Kings of Cleaning Services cleans various rugs, from nylon or polypropylene rugs to wool and handmade rugs that increase their value with time.

As Kings of Cleaning Services, we know how to properly care for such rugs, and with proper care and cleaning comes an increase in the longevity of your precious rugs. We only use the best high-grade products and high-tech machinery available for rug cleaning in Sydney to ensure that your investment is in safe hands.

Kings of Cleaning Services recommends a hot water extraction method. This is also known as steam cleaning, which deep cleans your rugs by extracting dirt, grime, and other cleaning solution residue from your rugs. We are also happy to offer a dry cleaning method for delicate and older rugs. Whichever method is chosen, you can rest assured that our method selection will be based upon a careful and strict assessment of your rugs.

We clean different rugs such as:

  • Nylon rugs
  • Polypropylene rugs
  • Wool rugs
  • Indian rugs
  • Afghani rugs
  • Pakistani rugs
  • Turkish rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Antique rugs
  • Moroccan rugs
  • Silk rugs
  • Oriental rugs

Kinds of damage we repair:

  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Smoke and Smoke Odour
  • Sewage Damage
  • Mildew

Some tips to protect your rug

Fabric-Protector Sprays

You can get any fabric-protector spray from the range of sprays available. This spray helps protect the fibres of your rug.


Rugs tend to move a lot, and that can cause slip and fall accidents. Besides the danger to yourself and your family and pets, moving can damage the fibres and stitching/knitting of your rug. To avoid this, you can use rug pads. Rug pads prevent the moving of the rug and protect the fibres’ stitching, and avoid accidents.


Make sure you regularly vacuum your rug to keep it clean daily until you get a professional cleaning done in 6 or 12 months.

Cleaning services

We would like to invite you to try our Rug Cleaning Services and become one of our many satisfied customers. Do not hesitate to contact Kings of Cleaning Services today and have a chat with our friendly staff that will be more than happy to assist you with any queries.

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  • How much would it cost to have my rug cleaned?

    We can clean almost all type of rugs and the cost depends on the type and the size. Call us on 1300 304 117 to get your quote and book an appointment. Our prices are reasonable and the result will definitely match your expectations.

  • Can I get urgent service?

    Yes, we provide emergency services. You can contact us 24/7 for urgent services. Terms and Conditions apply.

  • How can I trust your cleaners?

    Our staff are thoroughly trained, interviewed and vetted. This is to ensure they are all dependable, careful, and trustworthy.

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