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Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

We offer you the best tile and grout cleaning services in Sydney. We use particular process developed over years with lots of experience:

  • Initial Tile & Grout Cleaning Consultation
  • We first inspect all our clients’ premises to ensure we spot any grout that is creeping between tiles.
  • Pre-Grout Initial Tile & Grout Scrub
  • Alkaline-based degreasing solution is applied to the surface.
  • The solution is allowed to stay for up to 20 minute
  • This loosens accumulated soil, grease, contaminants and topical residues
  • Heavy rinse the tile and grout
  • Tile and grouts are rinsed using pressure heated water. All water, tile, and grout cleaning solutions and contaminants are captured and extracted away in one process.
  • The system is completely fluid controlled with no over wetting of any other surfaces or areas
  • Manual scrub the tile grouts for sparkling tiles.
  • We thoroughly scrub all tiles to ensure grout and uncleanliness is removed.
  • Any necessary treatment for particular cleaning required
  • Feedback

Kings of Cleaning Services’ professional team will clean your tiles and grout, and bring them back to looking like new. With same day service available and 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Kings of Cleaning Services uses only the best of high tech and state of the art equipment combined with high grade special cleaning agents, which have the capacity to loosen up any particles and grime from your tile and grout surfaces, making it looking better, fresher, and like new. Best of all, the products that we use for Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney are Australian-made.. Kings of Cleaning Services has the skills, resources, and abilities to give Australian homes and businesses the professional service and quality workmanship they deserve.

With Kings of Cleaning Services professional tile and grout cleaning in Sydney, you can be rest assured that there will be no mess and no worries, and your tiles and grout will be restored to the highest standards. Kings of Cleaning Services have the best products for various types of tile and grout without using harsh, abrasive, or toxic chemicals. Kings of Cleaning Services is the leader in hygienic Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney, with more than 15 years of experience, and an advocate for the best possible products available that generate the best cleaning outcome for your tiles and grout, like you’ve never seen before.

Kings of Cleaning Services also specialises in shower wall and floor cleaning. From wall to wall showers, to single wall showers, you can rely on us to do it all. As we all know, scum and built up dirt on shower and bathroom walls and floors can be annoying and unpleasant. So why not get your showers, walls, and floors, hygienically, squeaky cleaned by using our professional services, which consists of: Spraying a special Kings of Cleaning Services solution on the surface of your shower and/or bathroom walls and floor and letting the solution rest for up to 20 minutes. This will allow for the breakdown of any unwanted stains, and soap scum. Then we rinse it off with an industrial hot water and high suction extraction machine, leaving your shower and/or bathroom walls and floors hygienically cleaned and looking fresh. You will be super amazed with the outcome of your shower and bathroom walls and floors.

And Best of all is that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney Before Services at Kings of Cleaning Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney After Services at Kings of Cleaning

Types of Tile We Clean:

Spotless enjoy a range of services from our catalogue:

  • Limestone tile cleaning
  • Bathroom tile cleaning
  • Ceramic tile cleaning
  • Slate tile cleaning
  • Terracotta tile cleaning
  • Marble tile cleaning
  • Porcelain tile cleaning
  • Sandstone tile cleaning

Why Do You Need Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning?

  • Your Floor Will Look as Good as New
  • Removes the Bacteria
  • Seals the Tiles and Grout
  • Improves the Air Quality
  • Reach All the Hidden Spaces
  • Avoids Damage to the Tile and Grout
  • Improve the Look of Your Home
  • Maintain Your Property Value
  • Save Time
  • Save Energy
  • Save Money

Enjoy our benefits :

  • More than 15 years experience
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fully trained and qualified technicians
  • Only use non-toxic products that are safe for family and pets
  • Massive range of cleaning services
  • Same day service available + fast bookings
  • No messy shampoos, no worries
  • All our technicians are fully ensured and the police cleared


  • Do you provide services for all kinds of tiles?
  • Yes, we offer cleaning services for all kinds of tiles.

  • How often should the tiles be cleaned?
  • We recommend professional cleaning every 12 months at the most, and if it’s commercial or public space then 6 months.

  • Can you remove nasty stains from tiles?
  • Yes, we can remove all kinds of stains and dirt and make it look like new and also healthy.

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Sydney Suburbs

Penrith | Campbelltown | Richmond | Liverpool | Blacktown | Bankstown | Cronulla | Sutherland Shire | Blue Mountains | Parramatta

We would like to invite you to try our Cleaning Services Sydney and become one of our many satisfied customers. Do not hesitate to contact Kings of Cleaning Services today and have a chat with our friendly staff that will be more than happy to assist you with any queries.

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