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Leather Lounge Restoration Sydney

Leather cleaning and restoration

  • FREE! leather deodoriser
  • FREE! leather moisturiser
  • FREE! leather protector
  • Fast drying time 10 minutes only
  • Same Day service available with fast booking
  • Non-toxic products that are safe for your family and pets
  • All our technicians are fully trained, police cleared, and fully insured

Seal Coat

All leather furniture has a seal coat on the surface. This coat is damaged with the regular cleaning of the surface. What this seal does is maintain the surface texture and colour, when the coat is damaged, you can see the look of the leather getting worn out and old. When you hire us, we make sure to protect this seal coat. We protect the seal coat with professional expertise and then clean the leather and other parts to make sure the coat is not compromised and the surface stays beautiful. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on leather lounge restoration in Sydney with us!

Leather Cleaning Services We Provide:

  • Residential Leather Couch/Sofa Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Leather Sofa Repair & Restoration
  • Leather Colouring & Tinting
  • Vehicle Leather Cleaning
  • Commercial Leather Couch/Sofa Cleaning
  • Office Furniture
  • Lobby & Lounge Seating
  • Restaurant & Cafe Seating
  • Theatre Seating
  • Bus Seating
  • Aircraft Seating
  • Gym Equipment

Kings of Cleaning Services is the leader in leather cleaning and restoration in Sydney. We have specially trained technicians, and use only the latest processes and products for Leather Lounge Restoration Sydney. As leather is a highly attentive material, it needs nourishing and attention to maintain and restore its durability, luster, and appearance. We all know how expensive leather lounges can be. If it’s not well looked after it can become cracked and stained. It is proven that many shop-bought leather cleaning products can break down the special leather finishes and make it rough and dull looking. Unless you are a professional and experienced in cleaning and restoring leather lounges and have access to the right products, then it is very easy to permanently damage your leather lounge.

Leather Lounge Cleaning Sydney Before Services at Kings of Cleaning Leather Lounge Cleaning Sydney After Services at Kings of Cleaning

Kings of Cleaning Services have the solution for you - have our professional technicians restore your precious leather lounges to your high standards, and additionally give you advice on how to maintain and care for your leather lounges after restoring.

Kings of Cleaning Services process :

  • We prepare the surface by applying specialty leather products
  • Thoroughly cleaned by gentle hand scrubbing
  • Specialty moisturiser is applied to the surface that enhances the flexibility and the feel of the leather
  • Specialty leather protector is applied to reseal the surface and prevent it from becoming brittle and cracked

And Best of all is that your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Why is it important to look after leather furniture?

A clean and refreshed leather furniture will not only look like it is new and shining but it will also be very comfortable for use and pleasant for the room aesthetics. If you keep using the leather furniture without necessary cleaning and restoration, it will not only get dirty but it will also get irreparably damaged. Leather furniture, unlike other furniture, needs more delicate and frequent care to maintain its quality.

Along with aesthetic concerns are the health concerns that need to be considered. Stained and dirty leather can cause various diseases such as skin allergies or infection. It can also produce foul odor which can be dangerous for respiratory health. Get your professional leather lounge cleaning in Sydney right away.


We would like to invite you to try our Cleaning Services Sydney and become one of our many satisfied customers. Do not hesitate to contact Kings of Cleaning Services today and have a chat with our friendly staffs that will be more than happy to assist you with any queries.

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  • Can you repair loose stitching in my leather couch?
  • Absolutely, we can repair all kinds of loose stitching in all kinds of leather furniture and things.

  • Are you available all over Sydney?
  • Yes, we are available all over Sydney in all suburbs.

  • Do you clean all kinds of leather furniture?
  • Yes, we provide leather sofa cleaning services in Sydney for all kinds of leather furniture.

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