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Carpet Cleaning Sydney - Steam Cleaning & Stain Removal

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Your carpet adds elegance to your home. The carpet needs to be cleaned routinely with dry carpet cleaning or carpet steam cleaning to increase its durability. A dirty carpet can be a threat to your health. You cannot rely on DIYs or general household techniques to clean it from top to bottom. It is such a tedious task to clean them. At Kings of Cleaning services Sydney, our professionally trained and truly skilled cleaners use modernized techniques and equipment for this job. We have a solution to every carpet-related problem, including stains, dust, moulds of carpets and more.

Professional Carpet Cleaning is More Essential Than You Think

Everyone thinks about saving some bucks by cleaning carpets with DIY at home and there’s nothing wrong with it though.

But you must understand that spending some money on professional carpet cleaning is far better than buying a new one and spending way more.

Let us elaborate why,

  • Inflexible stains on carpets formed by heavy furniture can’t be treated properly at home
  • Getting rid of the indoor odors using proper cleaning agents to take care of those smells completely
  • Carpets having harmful mildew and mould can be dangerous to your carpet and your health as well which cannot be treated completely at home
  • Knowing which chemical would be suitable for your carpet fabric is where you need professionals. Using harsh and inappropriate products for your carpet without professional advice could ruin it forever
  • A clean and fresh office is necessary if you want your employees to perform better and you’ll need an expert for it
  • Only have the weekends off? Invest this precious time being with your family rather than cleaning

We are honoured for being one of the best carpet Cleaners in Sydney. We look through the personalized demands of the customers and then offer our services to help them get rid of dust, dirt, germs, allergens, sticky air, food particles, nail polish stains, blood stains, slime ink stains, oil/grease, red wine and others.

Kings of Cleaning Services is The Right Choice When You Need,

  • Emergency stain removal service in Sydney
  • Carpet sanitisation and disinfection in Sydney
  • Same day carpet cleaning service with best results in Sydney
  • Lower price yet best treatment and exemplary service in Sydney
  • Stink and bad smell removing service in Sydney
  • We're available 24*7 nearby your place in Sydney
  • Polite customer service to provide you with the best customer experience in Sydney!
  • Commercial carpet cleaning available in Sydney and it’s suburbs
  • At your doorsteps on one call only!

Our Unique Safeguard Protection

Random spills and food drops are quite natural to happen, especially with kids around the house, or a workspace with multiple people spending hours on it or when you have a pet friend. We take care of it to help you shield your carpet from such disasters. Our stain-resistant option gives fascinating results by keeping the stubborn stains at bay for a certain period depending on the usage.

The appropriate Time for applying the Safeguard is directly after the hot water extraction cleaning process. It helps keep unplanned spills from becoming stubborn stains.

  • It protects the carpet against oil and water-based stains. The carpet fibres will start to resist soiling more strongly.
  • Adds a protective layer that prevents the original layer from spoiling.
  • The stains become easy to remove even by yourself.
  • The vacuum would pick up the dirt more effectively than before

Don't trust us because we say so. We'll give you more than enough reasons for it,

We offer inspection service for the carpet. Our professionals will come to your home to check your carpet's condition and fibre type and list the problems. We'll then suggest the exact solution!

We also offer you professional advice and expert suggestions so that you can choose the best for yourself!

To make sure that we cover every kind of requirement that you might have, we offer two special kinds of carpet service in Sydney. Which are,

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning

Confused, Which Carpet Cleaning Method is Perfect For You?

Contrary to what most people think, carpet steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning aren't the same. They both are individual cleaning techniques with different processes depending on the nature of carpet and dirt accumulated. Let us look at a few important and remarkable differences.

We pay attention to the tiniest details and the type and design of your carpet and then decide whether a dry carpet cleaning system or steam cleaning system works best for carpets in your home.

Know When Carpet Dry Cleaning is Needed,

  • Carpet dry cleaning provides extensive purifying power by amplifying compound cleaning disinfectant to the fibres and breaking down dirt before the machine cleaning
  • The professional cleaners can also add preservatives to the carpet to save it from common stains in future; it is like applying a spray to protect the furnishings from getting stains
  • Dry cleaning is more conventionally used for residential purposes when homeowners seek treatment for heavy spots like Coffee Stains. The most stubborn stains that are most difficult to clean are Ink Stains, Pet Stains, and Blood
  • The most stubborn stains that are most difficult to clean are Ink Stains, Pet Stains, and Blood
  • But carpet dry cleaning is also advisable when you have a hard time controlling traffic on the carpet to such areas as entryways or corridors in a commercial space
  • Carpet dry cleaning is less expensive than steam cleaning, and because they use less moisture, they leave homeowners with a faster dry time. The treated rooms are out of service for about 30 minutes to an hour at max

Carpet Steam Cleaning is Advisable You Have, When?

  • Dry carpet cleaning systems do work well, but when residues build up, carpet steam cleaning becomes a necessity because residue build-up can age a carpet over time
  • Unlike sprays and dry cleansers, carpet steam cleaning will not insert substances that leave residue on the carpet fibres
  • Steam cleaning works very effectively when you need to get rid of pet caused odours, smoke odours from cigarettes and Bonfire and stagnant air that causes bedroom odours
  • To prevent discoloration, carpet matting and crushing issues, faded colours and wrinkles on your carpet, carpet steam cleaning is the most effective solution at improving the appearance of carpets that have been neglected over time
  • After a time, carpets start losing weight and the quality as it lacks moisture. Steam cleaning injects necessary moisture into the carpet fibres, brings your carpet back to life, and makes it look refreshing and newer
  • Chemicals that are used for carpet dry cleaning can sometimes trigger allergies in some homeowners, and it's just another thing to consider if you have toddlers, pets or babies who spend a lot of time playing on the carpet

When all other cleaning methods fail, carpet steam cleaning is the best solution to offer results

Let Us Tell You Why We Are The Best Option Out There!!

If you're looking for reliable, affordable, yet professional cleaning in Sydney,

In that case, we're pleased to introduce ourselves as the best carpet cleaners in Sydney, presenting every carpet cleaning technique such as,

  • Shampooing
  • Carpet dry cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Rayovac cleaning
  • Dry foam
  • Preconditioning according to your carpet type

What Makes Us Special?

  • Experience of more than 20 years
  • Thoroughly skilled and long experienced cleaners
  • Use of environment-friendly products which are safe For Mother nature
  • Cleaning materials that are completely safe for babies and pets
  • Unfailing equipment
  • Punctuality – We arrive and complete work on time
  • Get free quotes
  • Strict health precautions & safety measures followed
  • We also remove furniture and clean it underneath
  • Affordable cleaning services
  • Friendly staff to assist you whenever you need

Looking For an Effective Disinfection And Sanitization Service?

Considering the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, we are providing carpet disinfection and carpet sanitisation services to reduce the risk of getting sick in your own home. Because we want you to be safe!

We make sure that your family is extra safe by adding extra hygiene to your carpet. Because living in a clean and safe environment isn’t an option anymore!

Payless, Get More!

We care for you! And so for your budget. We don't add any additional charges.

We offer,

  • FREE! Carpet mould treatment
  • FREE! Carpet deodorizing
  • FREE! Carpet stain treatment

We have proven ourselves to be the best in town for the last 20 years, so get yourself the best of all.

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The Customer Service You Can Rely On!

We provide very easy to communicate and polite customer service to give you the best customer experience.

We Won’t Take Long to Dry your Carpet!

As a result of taking advantage of powerful excellent equipment and steam cleaning techniques, your carpets dry in a blink of an eye.

End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Sydney

No one likes to leave a bad impression. When you take possession of the house, you receive a clean home with a beautiful carpet, and when you leave, you should leave it just as beautiful and clean. Kings of Cleaning Services provides end-of-lease carpet cleaning in Sydney, with which you can get the carpet in the home looking as good as new and clean as well for the next tenant.

Services that Kings of Cleaning Services Offers at Best


With our best services, you will have your carpet dry and ready to use within 2 hours!

Yes, we provide same day service and we are available for you anytime!

All the products used in all services are Australian made, non toxic and safe for your pets and families.

Resides in the suburbs surrounding Sydney? Chill out! We've got your back! Kings of cleaning service are easily available in every part of Sydney Which Are,

Carpet Cleaning Penrith | Carpet Cleaning Campbelltown | Carpet Cleaning Richmond | Carpet Cleaning Oran Park | Carpet Cleaning Schofields | Carpet Cleaning Erskine Park | Carpet Cleaning Liverpool | Carpet Cleaning Blacktown | Carpet Cleaning Mt Druitt | Carpet Cleaning Bankstown | Carpet Cleaning Cronulla | Carpet Cleaning Sutherland Shire | Carpet Cleaning St Mary’s | Carpet Cleaning Blue Mountains | Carpet Cleaning Parramatta

So, we are not away from you. Pick up the call and get yourself the best carpet cleaners in sydney!!

So, We've Got It All Covered For You!

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