Extend the Life of Your Rug Through Cleaning Services

Date: 03 Nov 2022

Author: Kings Of Cleaning Services

A rug that gets dirty over a while becomes a thriving paradise for dust mites, allergens, and bacteria. These harmful elements can cause severe health concerns, let alone the adverse effect that they have on the durability of your carpet.

Living with a dirty rug under your feet is equivalent to living with a challenge, and of course, buying a new one, only because the existing one gets damaged out of ignorance, can prove an unnecessary expense. The solution to these challenges is to hire professional rug cleaning services and clean the carpet regularly. Here’s how expertise helps.

How does dirt affect the life of your rug?

Dirt harms the rug to a significant extent. It grates against its yarn, scratches the fibers, and damages its shine. The dirt trapped in the carpet penetrates deep in the rug, scraping away the fibres, and thus resulting in its wear and tear. So, it not only spoils the carpet’s aesthetics, but the wear and tear affect its durability as well.

Now that’s about dirt. The growth of germs, bacteria and allergens forms another critical concern that, along with impacting the carpet’s life, results in various diseases, some of which can lead to respiratory problems. Additionally, the buildup of moisture on account of water, juice and food spillage, or remnants of any of these can, over a while, result in foul odour, thus rendering the carpet unfit for use. Here, regular professional carpet cleaning helps.

How does rug cleaning extend the life of your carpet in the long run?

Regular professional carpet cleaning proves beneficial in several ways. One of the first significant advantages associated with it is that it extends the life of your rug. The answer to it is the organized and effective process that experts follow.

Carpet steam cleaning, for instance, involves the hot water extraction method, wherein professionals pre-vacuum to turn dry soil to mud, pre-treat stains, and pre-spray to reduce the surface tension. All these procedures enable water to delve deep into the carpet’s fibres. After that, specialists insert hot water into the carpet to kill contaminants that damage the rug’s fibres, thus refreshing and rejuvenating the carpet and extending its durability.

In addition to life extension, you get an adequately dried carpet that’s hygienic, free from moisture, and safe. Cleaning the rug regularly through professionals, at least once every six months can help maintain its freshness, inherent strength and thus keep unnecessary investments in buying new rugs at bay. In addition to professional cleaning, you can vacuum clean your carpet once a week, depending on its use to clean the dust that accumulates on its surface.

Rugs are pretty expensive. However, regardless of their cost, they are subject to time-based accumulation of dust, dirt, and the development of germs and allergens. Accordingly, to avoid reinvestments, extend their life, retain their aesthetics, and control the growth of allergens, germs, etc., you must hire experts to clean your rug regularly.


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